Brooklyn Legal Community Drives Early Literacy At Charity Outing

New York, NY, July 18 – Brooklyn’s leading judges, prosecutors and attorneys will come together to swing clubs and drive early literacy and youth employment in the borough at the Kings County Criminal Bar Association’s (KCCBA) charity golf outing on Thursday July 18th, 2019.

 The third-annual event, at Marine Park Golf Course, provides KCCBA's network of professionals grounded in justice and in service with an opportunity to actively give back to organizations working within the same communities in the borough to improve outcomes for all. Among this year’s beneficiaries is Read Alliance.

 “The KCCBA is committed to supporting organizations that improve the lives of children and families in Brooklyn, and Read Alliance is aligned with that mission,” said outing organizer Paul Hirsch, a criminal defense attorney and KCCBA’s treasurer. “By empowering young people as paid reading tutors for young children in their same neighborhoods, Read Alliance effectively uplifts whole communities through its unique model.”

 While Read Alliance serves all five boroughs, in Brooklyn alone, it has served more than 1,200 elementary school students and almost 1,250 youth since its inception in 2000, and this year alone Read Alliance paid Brooklyn READ Teen Leaders a cumulative $80,000.

 “We were honored to be selected as a beneficiary of this year’s outing,” said Danielle Guindo, Read Alliance’s Executive Director. “We deeply appreciate the Brooklyn legal community’s support of the opportunities we provide for employment for local teens and for academic success for elementary students which they might not have without our program.”

 The Kings County Criminal Bar Association is a community legal organization dedicated to the betterment of the criminal justice system in Brooklyn, New York. The KCCBA counts among its membership judges, prosecutors, attorneys from indigent defense providers, military service members, and private criminal defense lawyers practicing in the Federal and State courts. Learn more at

 Read Alliance’s unique dual-impact model trains high school students in a proven, research-based curriculum, and then meaningfully employs them to provide individual literacy tutoring to their younger peers in their own communities, preparing both populations for academic and life success. Elementary students gain an entire year’s growth in reading ability following just 30 after-school sessions with the program. Read Alliance has tutored more than 15,000 early elementary students and employed more than 12,000 high school students across all five New York City boroughs since its founding in 2000. Learn more at

 To schedule interviews with KCCBA leadership, contact Paul Hirsch at Read Alliance leadership and teen leaders, please contact Danielle Guindo at 646-867-6104 or