Supporter Spotlight: Mark Hemenetz

Mark Hemenetz.jpg

Mark Hemenetz, Read Alliance Board Member

Chief Operating Officer, Americas
Schroders Investment Management

Read Alliance has won the hearts and minds of our colleagues because of the quality of the program and also because of Mark’s advocacy.
— Karl Dasher, CEO, Schroders North America

Passion for Education

My parents wanted us to get the best opportunities, and to get the best opportunities, you need a good education. As many people know, if young children don’t learn to read early, the potential to get left behind and miss opportunities is too great of an obstacle. What I like about Read Alliance is the focus on giving very young children the chance to catch up to the grade level where they need to be.

I also appreciate the benefit of the program for the teen tutors. Having a job when you’re young brings a strong feeling of self-worth. You get some confidence in your own capabilities. I think it’s an interesting challenge for the tutors: being asked to be tutors and, in effect, role models for the younger kids. This can provide them great experience for the future.

Read Alliance and Schroders

I support Read Alliance not only as a member of the Board of Directors but also through Schroders initiatives. Ten years ago, Schroders had $10,000 we were looking to give to a deserving charity, one where it would have a large impact. Through a staff-wide nomination and selection process, we chose Read Alliance. As our relationship has grown over the years, we have looked for ways of more broadly supporting the organization, including direct support for PS 5 in the Bronx. Schroders charitable giving is staff-led in that the bulk of its support comes through a gift-matching program.

Mark’s leadership by example is one of the primary reasons that Read Alliance has become a key beneficiary of employee contributions.
— Karl Dasher

Read Alliance will honor Mark and Schroders at the 10th Annual Spring Benefit on April 26 at the Rubin Museum of Art.