New School Year, New Programming

This School year, we will introduce READ 2.0 programming for every site. 

Read Alliance has recently developed an enhanced programming initiative: READ 2.0. Designed to instill best practices for learning to read, READ 2.0 builds upon the traditional READ model and incorporates additional program elements to enhance learning. 

Each READ 2.0 session incorporates a student-led, one-to-one read aloud, a teacher-led, group read aloud and a lending library for students to take home books they have mastered for extended practice at home. READ 2.0 not only utilizes best practices for learning to read, but also creates a positive, intimate reading environment for students who have often developed negative associations with reading.

READ 2.0 was launched in a pilot phase at 5 sites in 2015-16 and expanded to 15 sites in 2016-17. A positive evaluation of the enhanced programming, conducted by NYU, influenced READ to expand READ 2.0 to all sites in 2017-18. The success of our enhanced programming means READ 2.0 will now be the standard programming across all Read Alliance sites moving forward.